• How to Enable and Disable Avast Antivirus?

    Avast Antivirus is multinational cyber security software which protects the system from all online harms. It is a group of internet security applications developed for Microsoft, Windows, Android, mac OS and iOS. This virus protection detects the virus, Ransomware & spyware and gives a full security to the system. It is a combines all the power together and protect to the fullest. If you have Avast in your system it means you are free from all malware. It’s the gatekeeper of the system no get enter without its permission. 

    It is not imposing on anyone forcefully. Those who find it really working then you can put this into your system. It also has a free version. Here our expert’s team of Avast Support Canada elaborates the steps to enable or disable the antivirus.

    Steps to enable the Avast on the system:

    • Go to the Avast icon and “Right” click on to it.
    • Put your mouse cursor on the “Avast! Shields Control”.
    • Click on the “Disable” at least for 10 minutes.
    • Exist from Avast menu, by clicking on the windows taskbar.
    • Now again repeat the point 1, 2.
    • Now click on to the “Enable All Shields.
    • To make it confirm check the “Window Action Centre”, there you will not find any security notification. 

    These are the best and easiest way to enable and disable the Avast. There is no boundation and limits are there and to be very honest we are not saying these are the only step you can follow the same process. There are many choose the best and the easiest way.

    If any user has any problem related the same can directly contact our experts’ team of Avast Helpline Number by ringing on the given toll-free no 1-855-254-6999.


  • List of Difficult Issues Avast Support Can Solve in a Jiffy

    Avast is known as one of the most reliable antivirus programs in the world. However, the fact is that problems do happen occasionally. One thing is certain, though – all problems are very easy to solve. But in order to solve them, you have to understand them.

    Unfortunately, not all users realize that solving antivirus problem is something that requires expertise and experience, as well as the tools. That’s why many of them end up spending hours trying to figure out how to solve antivirus issues themselves.
    Granted, with the right amount of effort time, they would be able to solve many of the problems. But in absence of the mentioned expertise, they won’t be able to get their issues sorted out within an affordable time frame. With that in mind, here are some rather difficult antivirus problems that Avast support team can solve quickly!

    Failure to Delete Viruses

    In the absence of a proper update, your Avast antivirus might find itself at a disadvantage when it comes to deleting the malware. This happens because the virus definition is not complete provided to the application. The other reason behind this is the macro malware; these specific infections target the antiviral tools themselves. Our professionals have come up with innovative techniques to solve this problem.

    Problems Renewing Subscription

    When the subscription to Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier expires, it means that your system is no longer
    protected. The solution is to renew the subscription, but sometimes, this might not work. Usually, the cause of the problem is money. It’s either that the card you’ve used to pay for the subscription is no longer active or you don’t have any funds on it.

    Issues with Phishing Scams

    Certain Avast products (Premier and Internet Security) come with special features that will keep you away from fake sites, which are there just to steal your password. The so-called phishing schemes usually involve a fake shopping site, which requires you to register

    But, you won’t be registering – you will be giving your password to hackers. This is something that can be easily avoided if you turn on the protection features on your antivirus.

    Overly-Protective Firewall

    If the firewall is preventing you from accessing some legit sites or downloading virus-free apps and files, the solution is not to turn it off. The right solution is to call the tech support and ask them to adjust it. 

    The given list is merely a small representation of issues that can be solved by the Avast support team.  To get a better understanding in this regard, it would be better if you call them at their Avast Technical Support Number 1-855-254-6999. The professionals there would not only provide you the solutions for the mentioned problems but also they can guide the users in the creation of the better-protected system.


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